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Ramp Storage Solutions

Heavy Duty Ramps manufactures a wide variety of ramp and stand storage solutions to store your entire ramp system under the deck of the trailer. This helps you conserve valuable deck storage space. Our storage solutions are constructed of military grade aluminum. They will never rust, even with daily exposure to extreme outdoor weather conditions, salt, and road debris.

Ramp hangers are available in both single and double ramp designs. The double hangers will store 2 ramps on top of each other while the single ramp hangers are used for low clearance trailers where space is limited. There are also two mounting styles of ramp hangers available. The bolt on hangers requires drilling through your trailer frame to install. We also offer a no drill design, which includes heavy duty clamps to attach the hangers to the cross members under the trailer deck using basic hand tools.

Ramp hangers with integrated dunnage racks are available for trailers without trailer deck knee braces (angled support braces under trailer deck). These hangers are available in bolt on and clamp on designs.

Aluminum stand hangers are available to store the ramp support stands under the deck of the trailer. These are also available in a bolt on and no drill clamp models.

Product Features

  • Durable, rust-proof military grade aluminum construction
  • Strongest, heaviest duty hangers in the industry
  • Bolt on and no drill clamp on models available
  • Stainless steel keepers accepts padlock to keep ramps secure
  • UHMW integrated plastic slides makes it easy to remove ramps and stands
  • Made in the USA
  • One year warranty
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