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Big Boy Lawn & Garden Ramps

These Big Boy aluminum lawn and garden ramps are the strongest, safest landscaping ramps in the industry! These ramps are designed for loading lawn mowers, garden tractors, zero turn mowers, and other landscaping equipment into a pickup truck or trailer. Our exclusive EZ Traction flat-plate punched ramp surface sets the EZ Rizer apart from all other lawn and garden loading ramps! The punched surface produces a superior grip to prevent wheels from spinning and slipping, even in wet or muddy conditions.

These modular lawn and garden mower ramps can be used in several configurations. The ramps can be used as dual runners, or both sections can be secured together using the included quick-connect support brackets to create a 38” wide ramp suitable for loading snow blowers, push mowers, or other lawn and garden equipment. With a huge 3,000 lb capacity there isn’t a job too big for these ramps to handle.

Big Boy Lawn & Garden ramp systems are available in four different lengths, 8′, 9’, 10’ and 12′, and come in two different widths, 14” and 19”, creating the options you need for your loading requirements.

Big Boy heavy duty lawn and garden ramps feature a hinge system that allows them to fold in half for compact storage. A 12° offset in the hinge creates an arched approach that provides additional ground clearance and eliminates bottoming out when loading into higher 4×4 pickup trucks and trailers. This offset creates an arch which aids in clearance for loading lawn tractors or zero turn mowers with the cutting deck still attached.

The hybrid hook/plate ramp connecting end feature allows for maximum versatility when connected onto different vehicles. The 3-3/4” long flat plate connecting end features a solid flat plate with rubber padding underneath to provide superior grip and prevent scratches to your vehicle’s paint. The ramp also features a hook end that can be used with our exclusive Alumi-Loc ramp bracket. To useThis eliminates the need for safety straps and is the safest method of using ramps.

A reinforced extruded tapered ramp foot design creates a smooth transition onto the loading ramp. This unique foot creates the proper angle for full contact with the ground for safety and improved stability.

Product Features

  • Made from lightweight military-grade aluminum – 2,000-3,000 lb weight capacities available
  • Available in serrated rung or our aggressive EZ Traction punch flat plate surface
  • Modular design allows you to design the right ramp system for your application
  • 12° offset in hinge creates an arch in the ramp for additional ground clearance while loading
  • Reinforced tapered ramp foot provides a smooth transition onto the ramp
  • Plate/hook lip supports ramp on tailgate; rubber padding won’t scratch vehicle paint
  • Safety straps included keep ramp securely connected to vehicle
  • Compatible with Alumi-Loc attaching (sold separately)
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • U.S. PAT. NO. D595920
  • Made in the USA
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