Project Description

Commercial Equipment Ramps

Our commercial equipment loading ramps are the strongest, lightest and best engineered in the industry! Our ramps are constructed from military grade aluminum making them stronger than the standard aluminum being used in the industry. These commercial ramps have an aggressive serrated cleat for traction in any outdoor environment. They are ideal for loading skid steers, tractors, heavy trucks, trenchers, excavators, tractors, front end loaders, back hoes and other heavy commercial/agricultural equipment.

We stock commercial ramps are available in lengths from 4’ to 16’ and capacities ranging from 8,000 lbs per axle up to 23,500 lbs per axle. Our most popular equipment ramps are 10,000-12,000 lbs per axle. We also offer other traction surface options like epoxy grit coat, punched traction plate and PVC belting upon request.

To secure the ramps to your trailer or vehicle we have two options: hook end or pin-on connection ends. The hook ramps simply hook over the trailer rub rail, any flat bar connection point or round bars up to 1-1/4” diameter to secure the ramps to the trailer. The hook ramps are our most popular style of commercial equipment ramps.

The pin-on ramp option is the safest way to secure ramps to any trailer or vehicle. This requires an attaching bracket called a skid seat to be welded to the vehicle or trailer. Once the bracket is installed the pin-on ramp end drops into the skid seat and a ¾” steel rod is slide through the ramp end to secure it safely to the vehicle.

Two different ramp lead up “foot” options are available: knife cut and stub toe. The stub toe is the most common for commercial ramps and provides the strongest reinforcement to the end of the ramp. In addition, it provides the greatest flexibility in load height ranges (typically ±12″). The strength of the foot makes it more appropriate for loading heavier equipment or concentrated loads on smaller tires like skid loaders. It’s a great choice for muddy environments.

The knife cut foot option provides a smooth transition from the ground onto the ramp, which is especially important if you are loading vehicles with limited front and rear ground clearance or equipment with smaller diameter wheels (scissor lifts/fork lifts). It is typically used on automotive ramps but can also be used for commercial applications.

Product Features

  • Lightweight, extremely durable military grade aluminum
  • Aggressive serrated rung surface provides superior traction in the rain, snow, and mud
  • Hook or pin-on end ramp connecting options
  • Lengths from 4’ to 16’ long
  • Weight capacities from 8,000-23,500 lbs per axle
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA
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